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Le 5 décembre 2014

More than 10 000 old photographs and dedicated works are to be sold by auction on the 14th and 15th of January 2015 in Lyon.

Jerome Manin is an expert of photography who, for 25 years has collected more than 800 works devoted to photography from the XIX century and over 10 000 items. Today, he would like to share and pass on his experience. One part of his collection can be seen this month at the « Monoprix des Cordeliers”, via an interactive kiosk.
Then the complete collection will be sold by auction on the 14th and 15th of January 2015 in Lyon.
A turning point in his passion that he is now sharing at conferences about the History of photography.

Exhibitions, auction and conferences…

A student at the prestigious National School of Photography in Arles in the 80’s, Jerome Manin became a photographer and rapidly specialized in the restoration and preservation of photographs from the XIX century. At first he worked for many Libraries, Archives and various Museums. Then, finally he worked for over ten years in auction rooms and salesrooms.

Jerome Manin confides: « This journey taught me that there is more to see in photographs than what we see in the moment. The eye needs to learn and looking in depth is like cultivating your eye. »

Thanks to places and meetings, Jerome Manin jumped at the opportunity to acquire, here and there, photographs from the past, various works and objects devoted to the world of photography.

An incredible collection…

The word “Daguerréophile” means a collector of old photographs. Daguerre was the inventor of the process where the images of objects were fixed onto a metal plate by the sun.

Daguerréophile, but not only that!

During 25 years, Jerome Manin has got together a rich collection made up of more than 800 works about photography from XIX century, related objects, albums and more than 10000 pictures. Over and above old photographs, the albums themselves are creating a real interest by their binding and ironworks.
Stereo machines, viewers, laboratory accessories, glass plates and stereoscopic modules, folding wooden stereoscopes…Many other objects, worthy of curiosity showcases, relate the history of Photography through the ages and its revelations.

…To discover and acquire!

The complete collection will appear and be exhibited at the Auction Rooms in Lyon the 12th, 13th, 14th of January before being sold by auction on the 14th and 15th of January. The catalogue and 3600 pictures are available at this following link: http://www.manin.info/?p=360
If Jerome Manin wants to pass his collection on, it doesn’t detract from his expertise or his passion!
In addition to giving history of photography classes, he runs conferences on demand. He gets together with groups from 10 people to larger groups and for about an hour or so retraces the evolution of Photography.

Jerome Manin points out: “Photography has progressed at the pace of technical discoveries and inventions from more or less mad savants. From Daguerreotype to digital photos to colour photos, photographic processes are still experimental both industrial and artistic. We shouldn’t forget that at the beginning of the XX century, the photographer had the choice of more than hundred processes to produce his pictures!
As part of the auction of his collection , the expert will deliver a lecture on Tuesday the 13th of January 2015 at 6pm at the Auction Rooms in Lyon.

For further details: this website and Facebook page

Press contact: Emilie Branchereau

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